The DILG-ARMM, headed by Regional Secretary Atty. Anwar A. Malang, and together with his officers in the region and province, attended the exit call of SILG Mel Senen Sarmiento nationwide held at the Conference Room of Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CCAP)-Cotabato Airport on June 8, 2016.

Also, present in the event were the directors and personnel of the distinct line agencies of ARMM, to wit: the BFP, BJMP, PNP, and NAPOLCOM.

All the officers present during the exit call were attentively listened to the friendly and inspirational advices and messages of gratitude by the SILG.

“In such a short period of time, I met and gained a lot of friends, saying goodbye is the hard thing to do,” said SILG Sarmiento.

“When I entered in the government, I always put in my mind the fear that when I will grow old upon drinking coffee along the street a certain parent with his child will pass by and will say ‘that person who had long been in the government had done nothing.’ True, I am always in a rush because I want that parent will say about me ‘that person is among the reason why our government is developing right now’,” he said.

“Public service is a hard job; the DILG family is full of good people; public service is the objective,” he pointed out. “I will always be a friend to you, if you feel like asking a piece of advice. We will continue as responsible citizen, doing our share for our county, we should love our county,” he proudly added.