UN Consultative Meeting

The Ministry of the Interior and Local Government together with various Development Partners conducted its meeting last July 02, 2019 at the MILG-BARMM Regional Office, Cotabato City. The activity aims to consult with various Government and Non-Government Organizations about one of the main priorities of the Ministry which is “Shifting thru E-Governance for better service delivery”.

A provider of the system platform was invited, DevLive showcased their system to elaborate on the efficiency of acquiring the necessary data needed by various organizations which includes Geo-Spatial information, Social Data, Economic Data to name a few. These data allow ease of access not only to Non-Government Organizations but also to Government Agencies in assessing LGU demographics, capabilities, risks and capacity to absorb programs implemented by various organizations.

With majority of the territories under BARMM are lack the necessary profile the Ministry of the Interior and Local Government is exploring the possibilities of adapting its own Profiling portal to continue monitoring all Local Government Units development under the watch of the BARMM.

The proposed system to be adopted is an “Open-Source” platform, meaning it could be readily accessed by any authorized ICT Focal person or member of Technical Working Group to modify the indicators according to need and of the Implementing Agencies. There was a minor issue discussed in the meeting regarding the consolidation of data/information coming from already existing data platforms utilized by the agencies present.

With already existing systems utilized by the agencies, the meeting was set to agree upon what universal system should be used without compromising the data present. The proposed system was well received not only by the MILG and MSS but also the development partners present during the meeting. The suggestion is if it can still include indicators that is required in their monitoring programs. Further discussions of the system will be conducted in succeeding meetings.