MLG - BARMM conducts 2019 SGLG Regional Calibration

The Ministry of Local Government-BARMM conducted its first short-listing of potential 2019 SGLG passers during the Regional Calibration held earlier today at Em Manor Hotel and Convention Center, Cotabato City.

 Minister of Local Government, Atty Naguib Sinarimbo in his opening message related that the Regional Calibration hopes to bring together the different ministries and the appropriate agencies that are involved in the assessment of the performance of local government units, the performance is measured by a marker, the Seal of Good Local Governance.

"The 7 criteria on which the award is given essentially bring together the basic services that the local government units are supposed to provide. The areas where the performance is measured concern areas that are not exclusive to the Interior and Local Government. Many of the areas that are being measured are areas where technical assistance are supposed to be provided by the different ministries, like the Ministry of Environment & Energy, Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Health. It brings to mind the need to bring together the different ministries in the work of improving the performance of local government units in the region."

He also stressed that it is not enough that the LGUs issued an executive order creating the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council but it is also important that the Council is also convened that would signify that the body is performing or functioning. That it is not just a measure of whether it exists or does not. It is whether it is performing or not. There is a need to look more at the areas being measured critically so that we do not just award the Seal to LGUs that created certain bodies or that enacted certain plans and that these plans are being pursued and these bodies are being made to perform.

MLG Sinarimbo expects that there's a corresponding match of the award in the performance on the ground because in the previous SGLG the measure is as to existence not as to functionality of the bodies created and or the plans enacted.

He further stressed that it is also important to look at the capacity of the regional ministries to extend the needed technical assistance to the LGUs. That it is not enough that we demand from LGU to perform on the bases of areas that are supposed to be given or provided technical assistance by the different agencies. That it is imperative that we match the demand with the technical competency coming out of the different ministries.

"Even as we measure LGUs, we should equally measure our capacity to extend the needed technical assistance."

Minister Sinarimbo said that it's not right that we demand performance from the LGU but we ourselves are not able to match the demand with our own capacity to provide the technical assistance needed by the LGU.

He ended his message with the hope that this year's and the years to come will bring us the realisation that development of our region does not depend exclusively on the regional government. A substantial part of the development of the region will have to come from the local government unit as the unit or the government agencies that are closest to the ground.

Present during the activity were our development partners: PDEA- BARMM RD Juvenal B Azurin, BCH Executive Director Ardan Sali, MENRE's Environmental Management Bureau Director Antonio Andamen, HLURB Executive Director Kamaluddin Laguiab, CSO partner Shay Amino, MLG Provincial Directors and SGLG Focals, ASec Lininding Lao and the LGMED led by Chief Fausiah R Abdula.