1st Meeting of the Regional Management Coordinating Committee (RMCC) in the year 2016

DILG ARMM Regional Secretary Atty. Anwar A. Malang piloted the Regional Management Coordinating Committee (RMCC) meeting on January

6, 2016 at the DILG ARMM Conference Room, ORGCompound, Cotabato City. In attendance during the event were the RMCC Members to wit: DILG-ARMM Regional Secretary Atty. Anwar A. Malang as Chairman, member agencies from the PNP PRO-ARMM, BJMP-ARMM, NAPOLCOM-ARMM, guest COMELEC-ARMM and BPI-ARMM. The said event talked about the Updates and Accomplishment Reports of each member Agencies.

The Chairman, Regional Secretary Atty. Anwar A. Malang, had some recommendations and added important points to remember which were raised during PNP’s updates/reports, such as, that there must be a clear definition of murder and homicide in the presentation; there should be a clear column presentation of drug cases, for instance, the places where more drug cases and crime solved; the employees of DILG, in particular the LGOOs, should be present in the municipal hall offices whether the mayors were absent or present, or in the police station, for purpose of recording all events in the office or station; the travel outside territory should be with Provincial Director’s (PD) approval; mandatorily to give the police car to designated political subdivisions regardless of any unnecessary event, such as, no concrete road in the area, because when a mayor complaint of no designation of police car it could be an issue; and, putting of military detachment near the tower for security and for prevention of tower bombing; there should be coordination between PNP and COMELEC regarding election hot spot areas for the incoming 2016 election.

Regarding NAPOLCOM-ARMM status/reports, there should be a clear report of how many pending cases regarding police personnel; that there should be a resolution pertaining to cheating during the examination, because the result of the examination was only a human presumption which could affect those examinees who were in good faith; that there should be a resolution and proper investigations to address the issues.

BJMP-ARMM representative reported the status of inmates. As BJMP’s status report: there were 27 inmates in Parang, 157 in Lanao del Sur, and over 190 in whole ARMM area.

COMELEC-ARMM representative updated it status/reports and pointed out the relevant concerns. First, the gun policy would start from January 10 to June 8, 2016 of CY2016. Second, only the COMELEC en banc had the authority to declare such hot spot areas. Third, police and military personnel could vote, provided with application for local absentee voting. Fourth, the inmates could also vote with proper procedures. Fifth, the Commission said that at first the PNP should inform its office pertaining to election hot spot areas. Sixth, regarding action of Commission over hot spot areas, it had conducted series of conferences regarding hot spot areas coming from the PNP. Lastly, the uniformed personnel were allowed to carry firearms, provided they were complying with proper COMELEC procedures to carry firearms. On the other hand, the response of the Chairman, Regional Secretary Atty. Anwar A. Malang in relation to COMELEC-ARMM’s updated reports were the election hot spot areas of Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao were not yet fully specified. This means the PNP and COMELEC-ARMM should have close coordination for clarification. The Commission should be ready regarding regulations over hot spot areas, including request for security with the PNP. The voting center list should be given to the PNP for area assessment. There should be coordinating centers in every municipality where DILG-ARMM LGOOs could render assistance.