Strategic Planning 2019

Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Interim Chief Minister Hadji Murad Ebrahim graces the Strategic Planning 2019 of the Ministry of Local Government with his presence.


He lauded the work done by Atty Naguib Sinarimbo, Mister of the Ministry of Local Government, who has just assumed office last week for coming up with this activity, the 1st Ministry to do so.

ICM Ibrahim posed the following challenges that the Bangsamoro Government is up to: the challenge on how to adopt the ministerial system under a unitary government and how to conform in the direction of the program of the Bangsamoro with the Central government.

In his opening statement, MLG Minister Sinarimbo stressed that we have to synchronise and rationalise and set the synergy of the Regional government with the local government units and check on the policy environment of the LGUs so that we could see how to effectively supervise them considering that the coverage of the new government has expanded, from the previous 118 LGUs (116 municipalities & 2 cities) to 119 with the inclusion of Cotabato City and from 1,490 barangays to 1,590 barangays.

Development partner UNDP assures their support and with the hope that their Peace, Reconciliation and Initiative Programs be the foundation of their partnership with the new Bangsamoro government.