The Regional Assessment Teams were organized from the DILG Provincial Offices and were required to submit their deployment plan, to be monitored by the DILG Regional Office thru the LGMED.

The deployment plan was made to arrange cross-posting assignments of the DILG Field Officers who will be involved during the on-site assessment. This is to ensure quality and validity of the data being gathered at the field.

The Regional Assessment Teams (RATs) from the DILG Provincial Offices are composed of the Provincial Directors or senior DILG Field Officers designated as RAT Leader. Members of the RATs are SGLG Provincial Focal Persons, DILG Field Officers who were cross-posted and provincial CSO representatives. The RATs created at the provincial offices are responsible in the conduct of on-site assessment at the city and municipal level. At the Regional Office, two assessment teams were organized with LGOO Vs Roselynne M. Cuevas and Helen Ahmad, as the heads of the RATs. One assessment team handled the BaSulTa Provinces while another team to Mainland Provinces Members of each team came from the LGMED with CSO representatives.

During the field assessment, the LGUs were evaluated by the RATs through the following activities: documentary review, on-site inspection and interview with the concerned functionaries and key officials.

Further, the RATs were also tasked to certify data validity, document the assessment process; and consolidate all Certified Assessment Forms and Documentation Report, to be submitted to their respective LGPMS-SGLG Focal Persons for online data entry and documentation upload.

For Island Provinces, the assessment was conducted to the three (3) provincial governments, Tawi-Tawi on May 14-15; Basilan on May 16-17 and; May 18-19 for Sulu Province. SGLG RAT assessed the Lanao del Sur provincial government on May 21-22 and May 25-26 for Maguindanao Province. All target LGUs were assessed in accordance to the submitted deployment plans by the provincial offices, except only those twenty-one (21) municipalities of Lanao del Sur who were not assessed due to Marawi siege happened on May 23, 2017.

The members of assessment teams from the DILG-Regional Office have also given the opportunity to see the actual conduct of assessment provided by the Provincial Assessment Teams to LGUs such as Mamasapano and Shariff Aguak in Maguindanao, on May-10, 2017; May 17 in Lamitan City, Basilan and; May 18 at Maimbung, of Sulu Province.