The DILG-ARMM, represented by Mauricio F. Civiles, Disaster Risk Reduction Management-Climate Change Adaptation (DRRM0-CCA) Regional Focal Person (RFP), and Majaramir Y. Sumail, Alternate DRR RFP, participated in the Strategic Communication Planning Workshop and Laymanizing of IEC Materials.

The activity was conducted by the Office of Civil Defense-Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (OCD-ARMM) on February 20-21 and third day continuation on March 13, 2017, held at Jehan Function Hall, Alnor Hotel, Sinsuat Avenue, Cotabato City.

Other concerned ARMM agencies, LGUs from the Province of Maguindanao, International Non-Government Organization and from media partners were also invited to share relevant ideas for the success of the activity.

Primary goal was to recognize the value of Strategic Communications, and integrate its concepts in disaster risk reduction and management, mold public perception and opinion on the level of effectiveness of government initiatives and management of DRRM Programs, and understand the policies, objectives and guidelines in implementing the strategic communication plans.

Workshops were conducted with objective to introduce effective structures of early warning system which include risk communication focusing on the imminent threat, applying practical development of the long-term two way risk communication tool using ICT, and Information, Education and Communication (IEC) which focuses on local community awareness and linkage between local community and higher level government institutions. In addition, it was also believed that laymanizing the IEC materials into local vernacular to facilitate faster effective communication mechanism at the local level.

Mauricio F. Civiles, DILG-ARMM, DRRM-CCA RFP, lectured on the composition of OPERATION L!STO, to wit: (1) L!STONG Pamahalaang Lokal standardized disaster protocols for Mayors on early preparedness actions, response actions, and monitoring actions through the DISASTER PREPARENESS MANUALS; (2) LiSTONG Pamayanan promoted community preparedness, and it started with convergence and dialogues of various local stakeholders (LDRRMC) on their roles before, during and after a disaster; and, (3) L!STONG Pamilyang Pilipino was a partnership with DSWD, and this aimed to build capacities of families and househjolds for disaster preparedness.