MILG Sets Up Teleconference on MDM


The coronavirus is massively disrupting daily life as people are increasingly staying home in order to avoid potential infection. The COVID-19 outbreak has temporarily halted operations and implementations of programs, projects and activities almost overnight.

The Ministry of the Interior and Local Government managed to finds ways in enhancing the capacities of its workforce and implementing its mandate given the peculiarities of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Holding physical meetings containing a large number of personnel may risk the spreading of the disease. Utilizing the convenience of technology, the Ministry conducted its first webinar, Basic Course on Management of the Dead and Missing (MDM) facilitated by MILG’s DRRM experts shared to the field officers to give them a better appreciation of its core concepts and principles complimented with the enhancement of their knowledge on the protocols behind operations involving MDM and the underlying policies and guidelines which governs it.

Though it has been recognized that the management of the dead remains as one of the most difficult aspects when it comes to disaster response, field officers are now expected to be able to cascade to local government units the vital role that MDM plays in the in the aftermath of a disaster. Most especially, that of legal norms and the dignity of the deceased and the bereaved families are respected in accordance with their cultural and religious beliefs.

Proper processing of the deceased-corona virus victims for them to be given the appropriate burial or similar rights is a critical learning for the field officers in order to not endanger themselves in handling diseased corpses by taking the necessary steps and pre-cautions was also taught in the webinar session as they will cascade this down to the LGUs.

Minister Atty Naguib G Sinarimbo said that MILG will continue to adapt new technologies as means to deliver out its services and mandates and to properly monitor LGU activities more specifically during this crisis. Despite social distancing the Ministry is determined that it will not be a hindrance to carry out its objectives, as the presence of new innovative ways to enhance public awareness and knowledge management is fully utilized in general.

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